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Save time, know what to do next to grow, and get closer to financial freedom with a monthly step-by-step plan to make or raise six figures for your business.

Get #MoneyMilestones - the same method I used to raise $500,000 in a year for my tech company (as a non-techie) and get $160,000 in consulting contracts in 90 days.   

It's also the same system an online natural hair care entrepreneur used to go from $24,000 a year to $240,000 within a year?
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Special thanks and shout out to Nichelle McCall! With her new plan and methods, my projected growth this week is 30%!
The fact that Nichelle started where I am makes her relatable and helped me to trust the process. The exercises she gave me has given me huge breakthroughs as the process illuminated things that I didn’t know existed and that I needed to know.
We took Muhga through Money Milestones when she hit a plateau in her revenue. After going through M&M, her money went from $2,000 a month to $20,000 and counting.
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"I was able to overcome  my own impostor syndrome where I felt like I probably wasn't good enough or I felt like I wasn't worthy enough to actually do this.  
I just finished my first launch and I was able to bring in over $2,000. It was definitely her coaching and her encouragement that allowed me to actually put myself out there."
Kimberly Bulgin
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   ✓ The Course: Access to my 6-week 
       #MoneyMilestones private small group coaching 
   ✓ The Community: Live support in our private
       community of entrepreneurs around the country
   ✓ The Coaching: Weekly group coaching with me
   ✓ The Roadmap How to create a monthly strategy
       to get customers, make sales, and grow your
   ✓ BONUS Selling System: Selling System- How I 
       Made $160,000 in 90 days, including sales
       scripts and proposal templates. ($997 value)
   ✓ BONUS 3-Months of Support: Receive 
       additional live support from me for another 
       3-months AFTER the 6-week program
    Meet Nichelle
    Nichelle here! I love helping people go to the next level. Whether it’s helping first-generation students go to college or entrepreneurs grow their business.

    I coach consultants, online and tech entrepreneurs how to hit six figures and secure funding, so they can be full-time, fully-funded, and financially-free.

    Oh, and I also started a software company (as a non-technical founder) and raised $500,000 for it in a year.

    I’ve provided startup advice to thousands of entrepreneurs and startup business owners for 10+ years. Many have gone on to raise millions in early-stage funding. I’ve been blessed to be both a funder (giving out $100,000s) and serial entrepreneur (making and raising $100,000s), so understand and empathize with the needs of entrepreneurs as they scale their startups.

    I've also managed two startup accelerators, where entrepreneurs have made over $3.6M in revenue within a few years.

    I am the Creator of the program Money Milestones: 3 Steps to Building a Six Figure Business to help consultants, online and tech-enabled entrepreneurs hit six figures and secure funding.
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